Saturday, February 20, 2010

Taka úkunna stiga (to walk unknown paths)

First stop, a neglected barn.
Second stop, a small village near an aristocratic castle.
Third stop, an abandoned tower.
Fourth stop, the trees, the rocks, the snow. The cold, sprawling gap...
There and never back again.

* * *

Première étape, une grange négligée.
Deuxième étape, un petit village au pied d'un aristocratique château.
Troisième étape, une tour abandonnée.
Quatrième étape, les arbres, les pierres, la neige. La trouée froide et ouverte...
Histoire d'un aller, sans jamais de retour.

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Another picture by Albrecht Altdorfer, who indeed carries us far away. This time it is a side element from a crucifixion (see here on Commons). Perhaps the path is provided so the viewer can escape at will from this dreary (and done a billion times over) subject. And an alluring escape it is... the trees, the mountains... the lonely tower as a last stop before the wilderness...

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