Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stig fyrir stig (step for step)

To climb, to gaze, step for step...
The Tower. The Rooftop Bush.
To climb, to watch, step for step...
The Slippery Tiles.
To climb, to look out and away, step for step...
The Light-Punctured Forest of beams. The Cloud Kingdom.
Even without a throne, to climb is to be king.

* * *

Monter, observer, pas à pas...
La Tour. Le Buisson du Toit.
Monter, regarder, pas à pas...
Les Tuiles Glissantes.
Monter, embrasser les dehors lointains, pas à pas...
La Forêt Ajourée des poutres. Le Royaume des Nuages.
Même sans trône, monter c'est être roi.

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Ancient battles and christs are not the only ones that can be ignored. Plain factories have that right, too. Now we're headed for the 19th century, with Alfred Rethel's "Die Harkortsche Fabrik auf Burg Wetter". Again, it's from Commons.
One could argue that this is not true Marginalism, as there is no real "main subject" in this picture, and thus, no true margin. I cannot argue with that logic, but I would respond that this is Escapist Partialism, a sister ideology of Marginalism, a schism, if you will, in the great religion of Phantasmatic Deconstructionism and Minute Wonderworking.
You know a religion is good when at the third meeting, its founder announces that he has created a schismatic current distinct from his own, original mainstream. Adhere today.

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