Monday, April 12, 2010

Announcing the Metropolitan Church of Pripyat and all Deserts

Pripyat image by Matti Paavonen on Commons

To be master of one's senses is to be master of one's world.

This is a tenet of Wonderworking (and it's pretty logical, when you think about it) : alteration (and thus, control) of one's senses, especially vision, is a major aspect of the process in creating a Wonderland.

It logically follows that all that which increases control of one's senses is holy/kosher/halal/asha/etc. (pick your own) to the Wonderworker, while all that which decreases this control is evil/treif/haram/druj/etc. In a digital environment, it is relatively easy to "control" an image (once an adequate one has been found), thus the Internet is kind of the Jerusalem/Jerusalem/Jerusalem of Wonderworking.

However, it is also my intention to translate Wonderworking "in real life", and I have sometimes done so. But Wonderworking is similar to film-making, or music recording : all "unwanted input" mar the quality of the Wonder, or render it impossible to attain. Unfortunately, unwanted input is rampant in today's modern life - noises, crowds, ads, excessive lighting, etc.

Thus, I will, under the umbrella (wink, wink) of the "Metropolitan Church of Pripyat and all Deserts", explore means to alter and control my own senses and, simultaneously, to reduce "unwanted input". Since Wonderworking should stay cheap and attainable by everyone who whishes to, this will involve neither LSD nor neutron bombs (although I'd really like to visit the ghost town of Pripyat above, which, if you don't know, is the town where the Tchernobyl nuclear plant was).

Experiments will follow. More on this later.